What defines a Freedom Seeker?

  • Freedom seekers are motivated by individual exploration and personal growth.
  • Always evolving and creating, she’s a very independent person who likes to seek out new and innovative approaches to problems.
  • She has an appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination, and curiosity.
  • She is highly motivated and ambitious, and is willing to take some risks in order to achieve her goals. 
  • She has a keen and curious mind, and loves to research new strains and products.
  • She tends to be a bit introverted, but is still energized and inspired by being around groups of diverse people.
  • Loves: curiosity, evolution, possibility, imagination, honesty, creativity, modern, learning, groundbreaking, unique, innovative
  • Dislikes: humble, polite, respect, tradition, moderation, orderly, safe, practical, comfortable, reliable, secure, conventional

Want to get inside the mind of a Freedom Seeker? Watch the video below.